Stop Wasting Your Time On Social Media

Stop Wasting Your Time On Social Media

Start investing BETTER QUALITY time on it.

About 5 hrs per week is a “good start”

10 hrs is better.

Where to find the time?

Schedule time in your day (use your calendar)

  • Plan for 15 min – .5 hr at night
  • 6 days per week (take an off day if you wish)
  • Include weekends
  • Hire someone to do it for you or help you or train you
  • Use tools like Hootsuite, buffer or to automate

Oh, and this is what else you should to:

  • Jot down a brief 3-6 month editorial calendar
  • Keep a journal or notepad next to your bed to record ideas
  • Keep a cloud doc you can access at any time – like in Google Drive, Evernoteor Basecamp – add to it regularly
  • Be more accountable – tell someone, set incentives, goals, milestones
  • Track results using native analytics and reporting tools like SumAll

Then keep hustling, nurturing and engaging.

Stop wasting your time on social media and start rocking it.

– David

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