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Social Media Is All We Do.

Some agencies tack social media marketing onto a spiralling list of services like an afterthought. That’s like asking a general contractor to fix a leaky faucet. Without the overkill, we specialize in social media strategy, management, advertising, and content.

At Social Sesame we’ll zero in on the right social networks for your business and promote your brand in the best possible light during those key moments when your target audience is most likely to be paying attention. Not only can we push your content directly to your customers, but we encourage them to seek it on their own as advocates of your brand. We do all of this while you can focus on building and managing your business.

Social Media Strategy

Build a social media marketing foundation with a rock-solid strategy and your chances of success increase 90%. We’ve built a few. Our strategic plans begin with us asking a million questions. We don’t just approach it from a social media angle either. Our backgrounds in brand-building enable us to ask the tough questions, getting to the heart of the matter and creating strategies with sound tactics to achieve your business goals and objectives.

Social Media Advertising

The intricacies of social media advertising are amazing and detrimental at the same time. While social platforms make it super simple to spend money with them, having a sound, ultra-targeted and efficient campaign is what matters most. Our team are well versed in all things social media advertising, and whether driving customers to your site, promoting a campaign or launching a contest, we’re ready to get to work when you are.

Social Media Management

Put the power of social media to work for you with campaign tactics built specifically to achieve goals and get results. We put the pedal to the metal, communicating to your audience with tact and skillful resonance, perfect timing and punctuality. Rest assured, your social channels are doing what they’re supposed to with our team of social savvy Community Managers.

Social Media Content

A content marketing strategy is only as good as the content that goes with it. Put our team to work creating killer content even your most ruthless critics will be proud of. Our expert content producers can whip up solid copy, design catchy graphics, snap the best pics and create videos ready for big audiences. Put us to work creating great content that is on brand and on time. We’ve got this.

Workshops and Training

Often times, it’s best if you’re capable team understands social media marketing better in order to get the best results. We’ve trained hundreds of people on how to create and deploy content, and manage and engage with audiences large and small. Don’t get us wrong, we’d love to manage it for you. But sometimes it just doesn’t make good business sense. Teach a person to fish and, … well, you get the picture.

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