No one likes stale bread, no one likes stale blogs

No one likes stale bread, no one likes stale blogs

Blogging has become a very common way for individuals and businesses to create original content and become thought leaders in a competitive digital environment.  As a result blogs have a tendency to become tired and looked over quickly, unless you grab your reader’s attention.

Here are 10 ways to up the quality of your blog and create posts that are worth the time of your audience.

Know your audience

It is important to know who you are writing for and adjust your tone and writing-style accordingly. Is it a corporate or professional tone? Witty, creative or casual? Or informative and structured (packed with SEO)? Do a little preliminary research before you begin putting thoughts to paper, so you can be strategic and write a post styled to target the right audience.

What is the messaging of your post?

This is where our knowledge on thesis statements comes in handy! In all seriousness, it is important to come up with why you are writing this post and what the value is to your target audience. Is it informative, giving your readers tips or information on a certain subject? Or a call to action, telling your readers that they need to do a task and why it would benefit them? Create a strong content strategy that focuses on the story you want to tell and the audiences you are trying to attract.

Use paragraphs

We want to be able to access information that is short and to the point.  It is important to keep this in mind when writing your post and break chunks of information up into smaller paragraphs with short purposeful sentences. It’s about the quality of the content, not how much you can write. This will hold your reader’s attention and prevent them from being bored and moving on.

Think in Headlines

This is one of the most important steps to making your post standout. (See more information on how to create killer headlines)

As well, create a catchy creative headline to put above each paragraph to grab hold of your reader’s attention. Some readers will only skim the headlines of a post, so creating a quality headline will determine if the rest of the text will be read or not.

Short and sweet

Short form and long form posts both have their purpose, but it depends entirely on the audience you are targeting and the topic of your post. Make sure your post is long enough not to cut important content or messaging, but not too long that it sounds like you are rambling. Basically, keep it short and sweet.

Signal words

Try and use words, such as, firstly, secondly, lastly, normally, seldom etc. This wording is a good way to create calls to action, or to prompt your readers to continue reading until the end.

Pictures tell 1000 words

It’s true! Shorten the length of your writing, without compromising content, and add pictures that continue to tell the story. Good quality photos will catch your reader’s attention and will make your post visually interesting to read. You can also add graphs, flow charts, info-graphics or checklists to communicate the message in a visually stimulating and interactive way.

Passion is infectious

When people talk about something they are passionate about, their eyes light up and they become immediately more interesting to listen to. The same thing happens in their writing. Be sure you focus on writing posts about topics you are passionate about. This will shine through your writing  and your posts will also be a lot more enjoyable to read.

Edit! Edit! Edit!

We can’t stress this enough! Be sure to edit your work and make sure your I’s are dotted and your T’s are crossed. Check your adjectives and connecting words to make sure you have the right spelling for the situation presented. These are words such as, there vs they’re vs their, or your vs you’re, or its vs it’s. These are very commonly mistaken and can be easily overlooked. Be sure to get another set of eyes to look over your post, to catch any mistakes you may have missed before you hit publish.


Organize your posts

Be sure to categorize your posts and tag them with keywords. This will make them easily searchable and will likely come up quicker when someone is looking for a post on that particular subject. It will also organize them nicely on your webpage, making it easy for your readers to sift through different posts you have written on different subjects or topics.


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