How to Engage Your Audience on Twitter

How to Engage Your Audience on Twitter

The key to engagement is creating a conversation, one that your audience can relate to and that urges them to participate in. It also works as a chain reaction, the more engagement you have with your audience, generally your audience will expand and you will gain more followers who are interested in also getting in on the conversation. Here are a few tips to up the ante, and take your brand and twitter profile to the next level!

Show your personality

Try to avoid using the headline of the article or page you are sharing as the meat of your post. Be creative! Show your brand’s personality by coming up with 140 characters of your own words, making sure to stick to your brand’s voice. Creating tweets that are original and innovative will make you stand out and grab people’s attention, making them want to learn more or engage in someway.

Does your tweet match your brand?

You need to make sure what you are posting is consistent with your branding, whether that be on a personal level or corporate. Chances are your audience is following you for a reason and if it is not relevant to your brand, they are probably not interested. This does not mean you cannot veer a little one way or another, adding to the creativity and originality of your twitter feed, but try and keep it relevant.

Use pictures

This is a big one! Using pictures in your posts will make them more visually stimulating and will catch people’s eye when scrolling down their twitter feed. If they like that they see, they will most likely engage in some way.

(Quote) Retweet

This directly engages and acknowledges people in your social network, and it associates your brand with theirs. Firstly, it shares their update with your social network, doubling their impressions and possible engagements. Secondly, when you quote a tweet it directly starts a conversation with that profile and everyone else tagged or mentioned in the post, presenting multiple opportunities for possible engagement.

Ask questions

This shows your interest in the opinions of your audience and their power to directly influence your brand and be a part of it – the result of social media in our society today. Interacting with their answers and with questions your audience poses, personalizes your brand and encourages more engagement for future posts.


When you comment on someone’s tweet, just like retweeting, it opens up a conversation. However, commenting is also a way to share your opinion (positively) on what the other user posted about. Others will see this and be more inclined to engage as well. Also, acknowledging your audience by saying things, such as “thank you for following” recognizes your followers and trust us- they will appreciate that you took the time to do it! This humanizes your twitter profile and will make people more comfortable to comment and engage with other posts.

Promote others

This is courteous and creates a positive relationship between you and your twitter audience. Also, the chances of others promoting you are then higher, doubling the reach and impressions of your updates.


This is probably the lowest form of engagement on twitter, but it is still an important tool to use. When you favorite a tweet it is almost as though you are putting your stamp of approval on that is being said in the post. It is a rare that this will start a conversation, but it will for sure encourage the other person to favorite or maybe even engage with one of your posts in the future.

Repeat your posts

This is not Facebook, it is not annoying to people to repeat yourself and recycle content and posts. Twitter feeds move quickly, especially if you follow a lot of people, and the chances are high that many people missed your tweet the first time. Feel free to change the dynamic of the post around, but the overall messaging can stay the same. This will give your audience more chances to engage!

Overall our point is, join in on the conversation, and use different methods and techniques to open doors, introduce yourself or your company and create memorable posts. This will help to build a strong brand and make it stand out, so that your audience will want to engage with you. Eventually it will become an organic process!


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