Facebook Launches Reactions and We’re Like, WOW

Noticed something different about Facebook today? That's right Facebook finally launched "Reactions" around the world. Instead of just "Likes," you can now leave Hearts, HaHa, Wow, Sad or even Angry faces for those posts you just don't like.   To leave a Reaction press and hold the Like button. Simple! This is what they look [...]

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Social Sesame Honoured with Fan Favourite Award

Wednesday, November 18th, we gathered among friends, business colleagues and new acquaintances at one of Calgary’s most revered restaurant establishment - River Cafe - to take part in an annual occasion sure to become a must-attend business event in this, the city of Mavericks. The third annual REAP (Respect for the Earth and All People) [...]

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Behold the Social Sesame Playbook

Without further adieu we at Social Sesame would like to announce the arrival of our much anticipate, much worked on, much bled over... our Brand Playbook. That's right, you can now learn about Social Sesame in a brilliantly creative and extremely well written way. Heck you can even print it out and take it with [...]

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