Best Time to Post to Social Media

Best Time to Post to Social Media

When is The Optimal Time to Post on Social Media?

This is a question, being a social media marketing firm and all, that we get asked a lot, and the answer is by no means straight forward. Ultimately, when you are posting on your social media feeds depends entirely on your target audience, goals, the industry you are in and the platform you are posting on. For instance if you are a B2B company it is best to be doing all of your posting during the week days, but if you are a B2C company you may want to consider posting on weekends, as this is when you will get the most engagement. We have analyzed four major social media platforms and come up with some generic do’s and don’ts in regards to posting times on each platform.


Facebook is the go to for a mid afternoon pick me up or where people gravitate towards when they are bored. Buddy media did a research study on Facebook and they concluded that “the less people want to be at work, the more they are on Facebook.” Therefore, mid week on Wednesdays and the end of the week on Fridays, are the ideal days to be posting during the week. Weekends and evenings tend to be not as good, because this is when people are busy in their personal lives and don’t have as much time to check social media quite as much, the exception being just before bed (when we ALL check our Facebook updates one, last, time).

Days of the Week Time
Best Time to Post Weekdays 1pm-4pm
Peak Time Wednesday/ Friday 3pm
Worst Time to post Weekends Before 8am/ After 8pm


Twitter tends to be used as a past time to catch up on the latest happenings within the industry of your social network. It is said that people are generally on Twitter in the morning using it to occupy themselves on their commute to work and during the day on their lunch and coffee breaks. They usually do their personal posting after school or work is over.

Days of the Week Time
Best time to Post Monday-Friday 1pm-4pm
Peak Time Weekdays 9am-3pm
Worst Time to Post Friday After 3pm
Any other day After 8pm


This platform is primarily focused on B2B interactions, which means weekday posting is primetime for LinkedIn. Also, if we are being perfectly honest, not a lot of people are checking their linkedIn on either Mondays’s or Friday’s (except if they’ve had a crappy week at work and looking for their next job opportunity!). So your best bet for reaching your target audience is posting mid-week.

Days of the week Time
Best time to post Tuesday-Thursday 7am-8am/3-6pm
Peak time Tuesday-Thursday noon & 6pm
Worst times post Weekends Anytime
Mondays/ Fridays Anytime


Instagram is a platform used for our viewing pleasure. It is a prime go-to way to catch up on the latest happenings within our social network, but it is also used for pure eye-candy (similar to Pinterest). This platform is generally checked by users first thing in the morning, to see what they have missed while they were asleep, and then consistently throughout the day. Engagement and peak times generally stay the same throughout the week, with a slight spike on Mondays (when people are taking the time to complain about the fact that it is indeed Monday) and a slight dip on Sundays (when people are relaxing and attempting to avoid their social media for a few hours).

Days of the week Time
Best time to post Monday-Saturday 7am-noon/ 3pm-7pm
Peak time Monday-Saturday 7am-6pm
Worst time to post Sundays Anytime


This is also a social platform that is generally used for B2B communicating and is not used as much as a guilty pleasure in people’s spare time. We see most engagement on this platform in the morning, as it seems to be one of the first thing people will check when they are at work.

Days of the week Time
Best time to post Weekdays 7am-10am
Peak time Weekdays 9am-11am
Worst time to post Weekdays After noon
Weekends Anytime

Other tools and things to keep in mind:

It is important to note that specific industries will vary from the times mentioned above, so it is important to learn your industry and the different patterns of your target audience. It is a general rule that if you are unsure when to post go with Wednesdays. Wednesday is cumulatively a good time to post on any social media platform.

Automation tools: if you are using an automation tool to schedule your posts on social media there is typically an option you can click that will give you the optimal time for you to send out your post. However, these are typically based on overall trends, not the actual post and target market (a “Good morning!” post could in fact end up sent in the afternoon. Yikes!). It can be helpful in assisting people who are new to the industry, get a feel of what to expect out of their social platforms.

Followerwonk: this is a great resource to use! Sign in with your twitter and see industry trend and get optimal posting times within your industry.

Overall, you need to get a feel for the industry you are working in and the trends within your target market. Use these tools as guidelines and see which ones work for you and your company!

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