Behold the Social Sesame Playbook

Behold the Social Sesame Playbook

Without further adieu we at Social Sesame would like to announce the arrival of our much anticipate, much worked on, much bled over… our Brand Playbook.

That’s right, you can now learn about Social Sesame in a brilliantly creative and extremely well written way. Heck you can even print it out and take it with you. Feel like a good morning read with your coffee? Our Playbook! Need something to browse while on the bus. Our Playbook!

What you’ll find in our Playbook is:

  • A bit about the company (social media is all we do!)
  • Our process (a sneak peek into how we make it all happen)
  • The products and services we offer (if it deals with social media, we’ll help you handle it)

Take a peek:

Playbook - Cover

Playbook - Ideas

Of course we’d like to give massive props to our friend Joel Klettke over at Business Casual Copywriting who help make the Playbook as cogent and clearly communicated as it is. And to local Calgary designer Chris Pecora for putting his magic touch on the design of the thing.

Ok, ok, you want to see it already? Here it is! >> Get to know Social Sesame

Want the personal story of how we can make your social media something to write home about? Give us a call 403-660-3874 or email



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